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12-26-06SEIU Union and ResCare Health Giant Hit With Federal Charges for Illegally Forcing Unionization on Workers
12-19-06Teamsters Union Faces Federal Charges for Illegal Strike Fines Levied Against Ryerson Employees
12-15-06National Right to Work Foundation Announces Addition of New Attorney to Expert Legal Staff
12-11-06Employees Hit Kaiser Permanente and OPEIU Union with Federal Charges for Illegally Forcing Union on Workers
11-15-06An Astounding 35 Groups Sign Briefs Supporting Washington Teachers in U.S. Supreme Court Controversy Over Union Dues
11-10-06Right to Work Attorneys Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Bar Unions From Forcing Nonunion Employees to Affirmatively Object to Stop Fun
11-10-06Employees Considering Appeal of Cryptic Ruling Dismissing Federal Racketeering Suit Against Freightliner and UAW Union
11-06-06Teamsters Union Slammed with Federal Charges for Threatening to Have Workers Fired for Resisting Formal Union Membership
10-30-06Turtle Bay Resort Employee Files Federal Charges Against UNITE-HERE Union for Illegal Scheme to Seize Forced Dues for Politics
10-17-06Thomas Built Buses Employees Appeal Ruling in Suit Against Federal Labor Board for Denial of Constitutional Rights
10-05-06Firefighters Force Union Officials to Settle Civil Rights Lawsuit by Agreeing to Refund Illegally-Seized Forced Union Dues and H
09-26-06U.S. Supreme Court Takes Up Appeal of Controversial Ruling Granting Union Officials a 'Right' to Forced Union Dues for Politics
09-25-06Western Michigan Auto Worker Hits UAW Union with Federal Religious Discrimination Lawsuit
09-22-06Appellate Court Orders AFSCME Union Officials to Refund Dues Illegally Seized From Albuquerque City Employees
09-21-06Supreme Court Consideration of Right to Work Foundation Case Selected as Among Most High Profile by National Review
09-21-06Worker Advocate Denounces 9th Circuit Ruling Upholding State Law Encouraging Coercive Union Organizing Methods
09-11-06Court Halts Union Officials’ Attempt to Undermine Florida’s Right to Work Law
09-06-06Federal Court Decree Forces Union and State of Ohio to End Statewide Religious Discrimination
08-31-06Statement by Foundation President Mark Mix: "Union Officials Owe Workers an Apology This Labor Day"
08-29-06Leading Union Watchdog Group Available for Interviews On and Around Labor Day
08-24-06Teachers File U.S. Supreme Court Arguments Seeking Limits on Union Officials’ Access to Forced Dues
08-23-06Stage Employees Union Slapped with Federal Labor Board Charges Challenging Industry-Wide Forced Unionism Scheme
08-16-06Appellate Court Strikes Down Union Officials’ Efforts to Impose Forced Dues in Right to Work Arizona
07-31-06Auto Union Hit with Federal Charges For Bullying Nurses Seeking to Remove Union
07-21-06Federal Agency Orders Union Officials to Retract Unlawful Threats Against Workers’ Jobs During 2005 Strike
07-20-06Hilton Employee Wins Settlement Forcing Union Officials to Halt Unlawful Misuse of Forced Dues
07-18-06Kaiser Permanente and SEIU Union Forced to End Illegal Tactics To Push Unwanted Union on Workers
07-13-06Worker Advocate Slams AFL-CIO’s “Week of Action” Protests While Do-Nothing NLRB Sits on Union Abuse Cases
07-13-06Safeway Employee’s Suit Forces Union Officials to End Religious Discrimination
07-12-06Court Gives Green Light to Employees’ Federal Racketeering Lawsuit Against Union and Phone Book Company
07-07-06Union Officials Backtrack in Response to Firefighters’ Federal Lawsuit and Temporarily Halt Union Dues Seizures
07-06-06Nurses Hit Union and Medical Center with Federal Charges for Violating Their Freedom to Choose Whether to Unionize
06-29-06Federal Labor Board Authorizes Forced Unionization of Airport Security Screeners
06-28-06Employees Call for Union Officials to End Push for Coercive “Card Check” Unionization Drive at Hartford Marriott
06-27-06Fox 5-TV Producer Hits Union with Federal Charges for Coercion and Threats Against Job
06-26-06Union officials should have given back money
06-23-06Union tactics don't give workers a choice (Detroit News)
06-23-06Employee Rights Advocate Wins $175,000 Settlement for University of California Workers Statewide
06-22-06Firefighters Hit Union and Top City Officials with Federal Lawsuit to Halt Violations of their Constitutional Rights
06-20-06EEOC Cites Government Employee Union for Illegal Retaliation Against Worker Exercising Religious Freedom
06-16-06United Airlines Pilots Hit ALPA Union with Class-Action Lawsuit for Stock Sales Discrimination
06-14-06Teachers File U.S. Supreme Court Appeal of Ruling Granting Union Officials Right to Nonmembers’ Dues
06-13-06No Fairness in Coercion (St. Louis Post Dispatch)
06-06-06Suit Forces WFSE Union To Backtrack, Though State’s Forced Unionism Law May Still Allow Union Officials To Order Employee Firing
06-05-06Teamsters Union Forfeits Over $100,000 in Illegal Fines Levied Against Workers After 2003 Statewide Grocery Strike
06-02-06Health Care Worker Files Federal Charges To Block Union Termination Demands for Refusing To Pay Union Dues
06-02-06National Labor Relations Board Faces Suit for 17 Year Delay in Resolving Employee Rights Case
05-16-06Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Blocking Forced Union Dues Seizures from Nonunion Cincinnati Firefighters
05-11-06<i>National Review</i>: Union Bosses 1, Workers 0: Union officials sweep janitors’ rights away
05-04-06Safeway Employee Hits Union with Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit for Religious Discrimination
05-01-06Machinists Union Hit with Charges for Illegal Retaliatory Fines Against Boeing Employees
04-27-06Freightliner Faces Federal Prosecution for Retaliation Against Employee Who Questioned Special Treatment of Union Reps
04-21-06St. Vincent Nurses Slap Automotive Union with Federal Charges, Seek to Throw Out Union
04-21-06State Labor Board Prosecutes Union for Bullying Workers at California Mushroom
04-18-06Boeing Launch Complex Employees Hit Machinists Union with Wave of Federal Charges for Unlawful Threats
04-13-06WFSE Union Officials Refuse to Refund $10 Million in Union Dues Seized from State Employees Through Illegal Demands
04-07-06Grocery Union Hit with Charges for Violating Employees’ Right to Work Protections
04-06-06Thomas Built Buses Employees Sue Federal Labor Board for Denial of Constitutional Rights
03-29-06WFSE Union Officials Forced to Admit Wrongdoing in Ordering State Workers Fired for Refusal to Pay Dues
03-28-06Judge Certifies Saint-Gobain Employees’ Election to Throw Out UAW Union
03-16-06Teachers to Appeal Today’s Washington State Supreme Court Ruling Striking Down Campaign Finance Law
03-15-06Washington Workers File Statewide Civil Rights Lawsuit Against State Employee Union For Unlawful Firings
03-14-06Washington Employees to Announce Statewide Class-Action Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Union for Having them Fired for Refusal to
03-03-06BellSouth, Union Ordered to Stop Forcing Workers to Wear Union Logos as Job Condition
02-28-06Employee Advocate Reacts to AFL-CIO’s Pledge to Spend “Unprecedented” Sum on Politics in 2006
02-24-06Facing Embarrassing Loss in Employee Election to Throw Out Union, SEIU Officials Abandon Head Start
02-07-06Labor Board Strikes Down Teamsters’ Discipline, Dues Collections, and Threats Against UPS Workers Who Worked During 1997 Strike
02-03-06Teacher Union Lawyers Lose Last-Ditch Effort to Block Full Investigation over Use of Union Dues for Politics
01-31-06Charlotte-Area Autoworker Files Federal Charges After Facing Retaliation for Questioning Special Treatment for Union Reps
01-31-06Printpack Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges for Illegal Union Dues Seizures
01-27-06Federal Charges Force Union Officials to Respect City Employee's Religious Beliefs
01-24-06Freightliner/Daimler-Chrysler and UAW Face Federal Racketeering Suit for Backroom Sweetheart Deal to Force Workers into Union Ra
01-17-06TEMCO Electrical Workers Win Settlement Challenging Union’s Seizure of Forced Dues
01-11-06VIDEO: Stefan Gleason discusses NEA Political Spending
01-09-06Teamsters Local Hit with Federal Charges for Violating UPS Workers’ Rights with Unlawful Forced Union Dues Seizures
01-03-06WSJ: <em>Why Not Liberate the American Worker</em>

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