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12-31-09Steelworker Union Bosses Slapped with Federal Charges for Continuing to Seize Dues from Worker’s Paycheck
12-23-09Grocery Store Union Bosses Face Federal Charges After Blocking Workers from Stopping Dues Payments
12-23-09Circuit Court Upholds Federal Ruling Ending Discriminatory Policies against Nonunion Employees
12-17-09Union Lawyers Deploy Strategy to Overturn Workers’ Protection Against Card Check Organizing Abuse
12-16-09Employees Slap Teamster Union Officials with Federal Charges over Illegal Forced Dues Policy
12-15-09‘UNITE HERE!’ Union Bosses Forced to Refund Dues Illegally Seized from Nonmember Hotel Workers
12-15-09Michigan Worker Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Halt UAW Policy of Religious Discrimination
12-08-09Public Sector Union Bosses Force Unwilling Workers to Join Union, Pay Full Dues
12-08-09Federal Judge Upholds Injunction Against Teamster Union Bosses for Illegal Dues Scheme
12-07-09Teamsters Local Bosses Attempt to Prevent Employees From Canceling Their Forced Dues Privileges
12-02-09Union Watchdog Files Second Disclosure Request to Investigate Obama Labor Department Stonewalling
11-20-09Worker Advocate Files Lawsuit to Force Disclosure of Administration’s Big Labor Ties
11-18-09Employee Lawsuit Pushes Teacher Union Bosses to Refund Dues, Allow Educators to Resign
11-17-09Independent-Minded Employees Slap Teamster Bosses with Federal Labor Charges For Illegal Threats
11-12-09Worker Advocate Offers Free Legal Aid to Employees Ordered Off the Job During Fry’s/Safeway Strike
11-11-09Special Legal Notice to Employees Represented by the Machinists union (IAM) or the Transportation Communications Union (TCU)
11-04-09Teamster Bosses Face Federal Charges After Blocking Workers from Stopping Dues Payments
11-03-09AFL-CIO Launches Sneak Attack on Nation’s Non-Union Railway and Airline Workers
11-02-09Employee Hits Newspaper Guild Union with Federal Charges for Illegal Forced Dues Policy
10-30-09Fort Jackson Security Guard Takes Courageous Stand Against Repeated Union Boss Threats and Abuses
10-28-09Employees Slap Teamster Bosses with Federal Charges for Blocking Their Attempt to Stop Paying Full Union Dues
10-07-09Nonunion Worker Challenges San Diego’s Discriminatory School Construction Scheme
10-01-09Union Bosses Block Worker’s Attempt to Stop Paying Forced Dues When Resigning from Union Membership
09-23-09Teachers File Class-Action Lawsuit against Union’s Mandatory Membership and Forced Dues Policies
09-23-09Nurse Hits Union Brass with Unfair Labor Practice Charges for Illegal Forced Dues Scheme
09-22-09California Union Bosses Seek to Compel Philadelphia Nurse to Attend Private Hearing for Opposing Forced Unionization
09-21-09Employees File Federal Class Action Suit to Halt Abusive Mandatory Union Dues Scheme
09-16-09School Bus Drivers Force AFSCME Union Officials to Respect Their Rights
09-04-09National Worker Advocates Issue Labor Day Statement: “Big Labor’s Political Ambitions are Unprecedented”
08-17-09Federal Labor Board Agrees to Review Deauthorization Drive to Strip Forced Dues Power from Union at LA Times
07-31-09Nevada Employees Secure Right to Proceed with Workplace Complaints Without Union Interference
07-28-09Postal Worker Files FEC Complaint for Illegal Union PAC Money Laundering Scheme
07-28-09AT&T Worker Hits Union Bosses With Federal Charges for Illegal Forced Dues Demands
07-24-09Workers Slap Communications Union Bosses With Federal Charges for Illegal Forced Dues Demands
07-22-09Employees Force Settlement in Precedent-Setting Federal Union Racketeering Lawsuit
07-21-09Fearing Vote on Its Forced Dues Powers, Union Hierarchy Gives up Monopoly Bargaining Privileges
07-09-09Nurses Eject Unwanted CNA Union from Tenet Hospital in Philadelphia
07-01-09Worker Advocates Join Challenge Against Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting in $300 Million Deal
06-15-09Workers' Secret Ballot Election Ignored As Company Imposes Unwanted Teamster Union 'Representation'
06-15-09Union Watchdog Files Disclosure Request after Virginia Turns Over Private Citizens' Personal Information to Union Operatives
06-04-09Worker’s Unfair Labor Practice Charges Force Verizon and Its Unions to End Illegal Discrimination Scheme
06-01-09Los Angeles Times Employees Illegally Threatened with Lawsuit for Refusing to Pay Union Dues
05-29-09Seven Employees Force Settlement with Teamster Local Union Brass
05-19-09Union Settles Lawsuit Alleging Identity Theft in Retaliation Campaign against Independent Worker
05-13-09Studio Teacher Hits Union with Federal Labor Board Charges After Being Fired for Not Paying Union Dues
05-13-09Taxi Drivers Force Union to End Illegal Union-Dues Scheme
05-12-09Nurses Seek Ejection of Union at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center; Union Bows Out Of Two Other Hospitals
04-29-09AT&T Worker Files Federal Charges Over Forced Union Dues
04-28-09Right to Work Foundation Files Lawsuit for Nonunion Worker Forced to Pay Teamster Dues
04-24-09School Bus Drivers File Charges against AFSCME Union for Illegal Threats, Dues Collections
04-22-0910th Circuit Agrees With Right to Work Foundation: Utah Unions Have No Right to Payroll Deduction for Politics
04-21-09Employees Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Reinstate RICO Case against UAW Union Organizing Scheme
04-13-09AT&T Employee Files Federal Charges Against Communications Union for Illegal Threats
04-03-09Court Upholds Racketeering Case against Union Officials and Yellow Page Company, Trial Planned
04-03-09Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Tenet Healthcare for Scheme to Sweep Nurses into Unionization
03-17-09Federal Labor Judge to Hold Hearing on Steelworker Union’s Illegal Scheme to Seize Workers’ Dues
03-12-09Worker Advocate Urges Gov. Sonny Perdue to Enforce Georgia’s Longstanding Right to Work Law
03-09-09Right to Work Foundation Urges Department of Labor Not to Trash Union Disclosure Rules
03-05-09Truck Drivers and Dockworkers Fight Back Against Teamster Union Intimidation
02-24-09U.S. Supreme Court Agrees With Right to Work Foundation: Unions Have No Right to Payroll Deduction
02-19-09UPS Freight Worker Files Charges against Abusive Teamsters Organizing Drive
02-09-09AT&T Mobility Employees File Federal Charges Against Union for Threats if They Should Refuse to Strike
02-09-09Nationwide Backroom Deal between Union Bosses and Tenet Corporation Forces Philadelphia Nurses into Union Ranks
02-09-09Public Employee Union Officials Sued for Forcing Employees to Stay in Union Ranks
02-05-09Teamsters Union Bosses Renege on Legal Settlement, Illegally Force Nonunion Employee to Pay Excessive Dues
02-04-09State Court Refuses to Enforce Georgia’s Popular Right to Work Law
01-30-09Blacklisting Rule: Obama Makes First Major Payback to Big Labor
01-21-09U.S. Supreme Court Misses Opportunity to Expand Protections for Employees Forced to Pay Union Dues
01-16-09Cameraman Challenges Pervasive Entertainment Industry Scheme to Force Workers into Union Ranks
01-13-09UAW Tries to Block Employee Election to Toss Out Union at JCIM Grand Rapids
01-13-09Teachers File FEC Complaint against NEA for Illegal PAC Money Laundering Scheme
01-05-09Federal Labor Board to Prosecute Union Officials for Imposing Illegal Fines on Nonunion Employees

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