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12-30-03UAW Union Must Compensate Colt Manufacturing Worker with $30,000 in Back Pay After Illegal Firing
12-22-03Metaldyne Workers Petition to Throw Out UAW Union After Abusive Top-Down Organizing Drive
12-17-03Labor Board Files Complaint Against United Farm Workers Union for Illegal Mass Firings
12-16-03Dana Corp. and UAW Hit with Federal Charges for Backroom Deal Imposing Union on Employees
12-16-03Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds Right to Work
12-15-03National Worker Rights Advocate Files in Support of DOL’s Authority to Strengthen Union Disclosure
12-12-03Worker Hits Union with Federal Charges for Deterring Objections to Forced Union Dues for Politics
12-12-03Miller and Union Slammed with Federal Charges for Illegal Retaliatory Firing of Recycling Worker
12-08-03KDTV Workers Threatened with Firings for Refusal to Pay Forced Union Dues, Federal Charges Filed
12-04-03Sheraton Hotel Workers File Federal Charges Against Union Organizing Campaign Alleging Bribery and Harassment
12-01-03Hotel Workers Seek to Enter Suit Against A Union Organizing Drive That Used Harassment
11-24-03CWA Union Forced to Return $38,000 in Illegally Seized Union Dues from Cleveland State University Employees
11-07-03Teamsters Union Faces Second Round of Federal Charges for Illegal Dues Demands, While Government Prosecutes First Case
11-07-03Workers Hit Union with Charges to Block Imposition of Mandatory Dues on San Diego Public Workers
11-05-03Union Hit with Federal Charges for Illegal Retaliation Against Non-Striking Yale-New Haven Hospital Workers
11-04-03Union Faces Suit for Threatening Firings in Violation of Florida’s Right to Work Law
10-15-03Legal Foundation to Assist Non-Striking L.A. Transit Workers Targeted by Union Violence and Harassment
10-14-03Boston Radio Talk Show Host Chuck Morse Receives Recognition from National Employee Rights Advocacy Group
10-09-03Union to Rescind Employee Fines Illegally Levied During “Justice for Janitors” Strike
10-09-03Bristol Workers Hit Dana Corp. and UAW With Federal Charges For Imposing Union on Employees
10-08-03Department of Labor Waters Down Proposed Changes in Union Reporting Requirements
09-29-03Millville Union Hit with Federal Charges for Illegal Seizure of Forced Union Dues for Politics
09-29-03Federal Government to Prosecute Nation’s Largest Teacher Union For Religious Discrimination
09-17-03Legal Foundation to Assist Cintas Employees Harassed by UNITE Union Organizers
09-04-03Alpena Union Hit with Federal Charges for Illegal Seizure of Forced Union Dues
09-04-03Federal Government to Prosecute Teamsters Union Local For Violating the Rights of Diehl Employees
08-29-03AFL-CIO Announces it Will Not Debate – or Even Appear on the Same Television Show – as National Right to Work
08-29-03National Right to Work To Triple Pro Bono Assistance to Workers Facing Abusive Union Organizing Tactics
08-15-03Dana Corp. and UAW Hit With Federal Charges For Surprise Deal to Impose Union on Employees
08-11-03Union Officials Hold Wage Increase Hostage to Force Workers to Accept Unwanted Union Affiliation
08-06-03Unions Hit with Federal Charges for Illegally Seizing Forced Dues from Ft. Benning Workers
08-05-03Autoworkers Challenge National Agreement Mandating Acquired Companies to Help Unionize their Own Employees
08-01-03Warnaco Workers Challenge UNITE Union Recognition As Illegitimate After Top-Down Organizing Drive
08-01-03Legal Foundation to Assist Non-Striking Verizon Employees Targeted by Union Violence and Harassment
07-31-03Worker Rights Advocate Comments on Teamsters Endorsement of Gephardt’s Presidential Bid
07-28-03Heartland, Steelworkers Hit With First-Ever Challenge to Pacts That Impose Union on Auto Industry Employees
07-23-03Teamsters Union Faces Federal Charges for Violating the Rights of Part-Time Workers
07-23-03UFCW Union Hit With Federal Charges For Illegally Seizing Forced Dues From Pharmacy Intern
07-22-03Tulsa District Court Tosses Out Frivolous Union Attack on Oklahoma’s Right to Work Law
07-18-03Federal Labor Agency Reinvigorates 10-Year-Old Case Against Local Laborers’ Union
07-16-03Fearing Loss in Employee Election to Eliminate Compulsory Dues, Union Withdraws From Nursing Home
07-15-03Tulsa District Court Judge Rules to Allow Employee to Intervene in Defense of Right to Work Law
07-15-03National Worker Rights Advocate Joins Legal Battle To Protect New Jersey Employees From Union Abuse
07-09-03Right to Work Foundation to Appeal Ruling that Forces Teachers to Pay for Union Political Activities
07-07-03Construction Workers at Will Rogers Airport File Federal Charges Against Union After Illegal Firings
07-01-03Lake Geneva Union Hit with Federal Charges for Illegal Seizure of Forced Union Dues
06-27-03Tulsa Judge Declares Oklahoma’s Right to Work Law Unconstitutional in Rigged Lawsuit
06-25-03Federal Labor Agency To Challenge Union Policies Requiring Workers To Annually Object to Forced Union Dues for Politics
06-23-03National Worker Rights Advocacy Group Launches Ad Campaign to Educate Employees Subjected to UAW Union’s Top-Down Organizing Pro
06-19-03Worker Enters Opposition to New Court Challenge Quietly Filed Against Oklahoma’s Right to Work Law
06-16-03Nation’s Largest Independent Teachers Association Holds 28th Annual Meeting in Washington
06-16-03San Diego Government Union Officials Must Cease Discrimination Against Independent Workers
06-13-03UAW’s Top-Down Organizing Campaign at Big Three Supplier Stalled by Intense Employee Opposition
06-10-03Machinist Union to Respect Right of Religious Objector to Withdraw Financial Support
06-09-03Federal Court Order Blocks University of Hawaii Union’s Illegal Seizure of Dues for Politics
06-05-03Teamsters Union Hit With Federal Charges For Violating UPS Workers’ Rights
06-04-03Utah Workers File Appeal to Stop Union Power Grab Involving Jobs Connected to West Coast Ports
05-15-03Union Hit With Charges for Illegally Fining Raytheon Employee
05-06-03Feds Balk at Protecting Utah Workers From Union Power Grab Involving West Coast Ports
05-05-03Settlement Forces Teamsters Union to Stop Discriminating Against Non-union Employees
05-02-03Machinist Union Hit with Federal Charges for Threatening Swissport Workers
05-01-03Federal Government to Prosecute Technicians and Carpenters Unions for Violating Employee Rights
04-30-03Orlando-area Electrical Union Forced to Halt Bully Tactics Directed at Dissenting Employees
04-29-03U.S. Court of Appeals Defers to Oklahoma Supreme Court on Right to Work Case
04-24-03Teacher Files Suit to Establish Right of Union Members to Withhold Funds Spent for Union Political Agenda
04-23-03U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds President Bush’s Union Dues Executive Order
04-21-03Ninth Circuit Rules That Union Hiring Hall Unlawfully Discriminated Against Non-Union Worker
04-15-03Strike Against Lockheed Martin Underscores Big Labor’s Historical Exploitation of National Crises
04-10-03Legal Technicalities Cause Dismissal of Federal Charges Against Johnson Controls/UAW Pact
04-09-03Police Union Hierarchy Faces Charges for Violating Officers’ Rights
04-08-03NLRB Upholds Swissport Workers’ Vote to Free Themselves From Compulsory Union Dues
04-04-03Statewide Union Ordered to Fully Disclose How Teachers’ Compulsory Dues Are Spent
04-03-03Court Allows 2,800 California Engineers to Challenge Union Funding of Ballot Initiatives and Politics
04-02-03Auto Workers Union Hit with Federal Charges for Trampling Worker’s Rights
03-28-03Alleged $802,000 Theft is Merely the Most Recent Example of Financial Problems Involving Massachusetts Teacher Union
03-24-03Ohio Attorney General Likely to Part With President Bush by Allowing Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting
03-12-03Operating Engineer Union Hit With Federal Charges For Threatening to Get Employees Fired
03-12-03Teamsters Union to Triple PAC Spending to Defeat “All GOP Candidates”
03-04-03National Employee Rights Advocate Calls Upon Ohio Attorney General to Oppose Union Discrimination
02-25-03National Right to Work Foundation Adds New Attorney to Expert Legal Team
02-20-03Union Sued for Violating Lorain County Teacher’s Religious Freedom
02-19-03NLRB Orders Union to Respect Worker’s Right to Know How Confiscated Dues Are Spent
02-14-03Union Faces Trial At Labor Agency For Threatening to Kill Dissident Workers
02-13-03Legal Action Forces Plumbers Union to Refund Illegally Seized Funds
02-13-03Cleveland State University Employees Hit Union With Federal Civil Rights Suit
02-03-03Electrical Workers Vote to Free Themselves from Compulsory Union Dues
01-30-03Legal Action Forces Statewide Teacher Union To Respect Rights of Religious Teachers
01-30-03Court Allows Hawaii Professors to Challenge Union’s Illegal Seizure of Dues for Politics
01-28-03Supreme Court Upholds Bush Ban on Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting
01-28-03National Agreement Between Teamsters Union and UPS Illegally Undermines Right to Work Laws
01-23-03Johnson Controls and UAW Hit With Federal Charges for Collusion in Coercing Workers to Join Union
01-16-03Legal Action Forces Teacher Union to Respect Rights of Religious Objector
01-13-03Government Issues Complaint Against Union for Illegally Fining Workers During “Justice for Janitors” Strike
01-10-03Sheet Metal Worker Union Slammed With Federal Charges Over Faulty Audits
01-10-03Steelworkers Union Hit With Federal Charges For Violating Worker’s Rights
01-08-03Machinists Union Hit With Federal Charges For Violating Raytheon Worker’s Rights
01-03-03Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Discriminatory Union-Only Contracting
01-02-03Teamsters Union at Universal Studios Hit With Federal Charges For Violating Worker’s Rights

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