California teacher: "If unions do so much for members, why bully?" 

Writing in The Orange County Register, former teacher Larry Sand exposes the hypocrisy of teacher unions' rhetoric on Right to Work:

Teachers unions are forever telling its members how much the union does for them in the way of wages, job benefits, etc. You would think that an organization that does so much for its members wouldn't have to resort to bullying to keep them in the fold. But the unions know that without forcing the issue, many teachers would just say, "No." For instance, in Wisconsin, after Act 10 came into law allowing teachers to quit their union, about 30 percent have already quit with more to follow this June when their contracts expire.

Well said. If unions are providing valuable services, as they claim, they shouldn't have to rely on coercion to collect dues and attract members. And if teachers and other workers are no longer joining and paying dues voluntarily, union bosses should adjust their sales pitch instead of resorting to compulsion. 

Sand goes on to demolish the "free rider" myth peddled by anti-Right to Work advocates:

It is a compelling argument, but untrue. The National Labor Relations Act does not mandate unions exclusively represent all employees, but permits them to electively do so. Under the Act, unions can also negotiate "members-only" contracts that only cover dues-paying members. They do not have to represent other employees. 

Read the whole thing here

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