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12-29-08Air Traffic Controller Union Officials Forced to Respect Rights of Nonunion Employees
12-23-08Majority of Workers at JCIM Grand Rapids Plant Seek Ejection of UAW Union
12-17-08Washington State Appeals Court Upholds Teachers’ Right to Restitution for Dues Illegally Spent By WEA Union Officials
12-12-08Worker Advocate: How Dare You Threaten National Right to Work and Its Supporters on National TV, Mr. Gettelfinger!
12-04-08Coldwater Teacher Files Federal Suit Against Ohio Teacher Union Notorious for Religious Discrimination
11-25-08Agency Trial Judge Won’t Punish Union Officials for Threatening Non-Striking PVHMC Nurses with Fines, Jail
11-17-08United Steelworkers Face Unfair Labor Practice Charges for Illegal Dues Objection Procedure
11-11-08Tenet Nurses’ Unfair Labor Practice Charges Derail Union Officials’ Sham Election
11-06-08Worker Seeks Injunction to Prevent Unwanted Union from Acquiring Confidential Personal Information
10-27-08Musician Unions Hit with Federal Lawsuit for Blacklisting Nonunion Orchestra Musicians
10-23-08SEIU Union Hit with FEC Complaint for Illegal Political Fundraising Scheme
10-16-08Teamsters Local Hit with Unfair Labor Practice Charges for Illegal Forced Dues Demands
10-06-08 Federal Government to Prosecute UNITE HERE! Local for Illegal Union Dues Seizures
10-03-08Supreme Court Case May Provide More Employee Protections Against Forced Union Dues
09-26-08Federal Court Halts Scheme by Teamsters Union Bosses to Illegally Collect Forced Dues
09-24-08 Two Ohio Teachers of Faith Win Right to Refrain From Supporting Objectionable Union
09-12-08Feds to Prosecute UAW Union Bosses for Blocking Job Promotions for Non-union Members
09-11-08Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges for Its Illegal and Retaliatory Strike Fines
08-29-08National Worker Advocate Issues Labor Day Statement:
08-19-08New Milestone: Two Million American Teachers Now Corralled Into Unions, 1.3 Million Forced to Pay Dues
08-19-08UPS Drivers Sue Teamsters for Forcing Nonmembers to Subsidize Organizing Activities and Union Strike Fund
08-12-08Nurses Attack Backroom Deal Between Tenet and CNA To Force Texas Nurses Into Union Ranks
07-24-08Worker Files Civil Damages Lawsuit for Massive Union Harassment Campaign
07-17-08Employee Rights Group Seeks Federal Criminal Investigation into SEIU Union’s Political Fundraising
07-15-08High Court Urged to Disallow Expansion of Union Monopoly Power to Undercut Workers’ Rights
07-11-08Union Officials Forced to Agree to New Decertification Election after Workers Complained of Union Intimidation
07-10-08Construction Workers File Charges against Union after Hit with $16,000 Fines for Nonunion Work
07-03-08Employees Toss Out Unwanted Teamsters Union Bosses After Coercive Union Card-Check Campaign
07-03-08SEIU Union Officials Face Federal Prosecution for Illegal Threats against Non-Striking Nurses
07-02-08Federal Government to Prosecute Hollywood Union Bosses for Unfair Labor Practices
06-20-08Union Bosses Forced to Drop Threats against Employee Exercising Right to Resign from Union Membership
06-19-08Worker Advocate Praises Today’s Supreme Court Decision Overturning California Law Facilitating Coercive Union Organizing
06-13-08North Carolina AT&T Employees File Suit against Union Officials for Exposing Sensitive Personal Data
06-06-08Right to Work Attorneys Intervene to Stop NLRB General Counsel from Blocking Union’s Ejection from Narricot Industries
06-04-08NLRB To Prosecute CWA Union Local for Illegal ‘Annual Objection’ Policy Designed to Force Workers to Pay Full Dues
06-03-08Bush Labor Board Authorizes Congressmen to Issue Union “Certifications” Intended to Deceive Employees
05-27-08NLRB General Counsel Orders Prosecution of SEIU Union Officials for Illegally Threatening Non-Striking Nurses
04-03-08Federal Agency to Prosecute Union for Repeatedly Threatening Valparaiso Worker’s Job
03-31-08U.S. Supreme Court to Review Idaho’s Ban on Payroll Deductions for Union Electioneering
03-31-0828,000 Employees Win Right to Reclaim $3 Million in Illegally Seized “Special Assessment” Spent to Oppose Ballot Initiatives
03-28-08Employee Rights Group Opposes Federal Bureaucracy’s Devious Proposal to Legitimize Abusive Union Organizing Campaigns
03-17-08Workers Seek Documents Regarding Police Misconduct in Refusing to Protect Them from Union Vandalism
03-13-08Virginia’s Attorney General Asked to Investigate Apparent Refusal of Police to Investigate Union Harassment
03-06-08Judge Strikes Down Nationwide UAW Union Policy Forcing Employees to Object Annually to Political Expenditures
02-19-08U.S. Supreme Court to Re-Examine Scope of Union Dues Compelled from Non-Union Workers
02-05-08Las Vegas Non-Union Worker Wins Right to Obtain Over $100,000 from IATSE Union for Discrimination
01-24-08January/February 2008 Foundation Action
01-23-08KV Pharmaceutical Employees Vote To Oust Unwanted Teamsters Union from Workplace
01-16-08Butte-Based Teamsters Union Backs Down After Timber Trucker Files Federal Charges for Illegal Threats to Job
01-07-08Employees Hit Union with Federal Charges After Being Slapped with $120,000 in Illegal Retaliatory Fines

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